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MPWB Statement on #BlackLivesMatter

11 Jun 2020 8:45 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The MPWB board expresses solidarity with all affected by systemic injustice and racism and supports the principles of the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

We recognize these recent weeks have been difficult, and we know that they have also been deeply painful for some friends and members of our community. Not all of us can know the depth of this pain, but MPWB can offer support and efforts to work towards change. We share in the outrage, we echo the calls for change, and we underscore our commitment to inclusion and anti-racism.

Our mission is to support activities which will yield effective and safe use of physics and technologies in medicine, especially in low to middle income countries. A core value of MPWB is Equal Access, where all citizens deserve access to effective and safe healthcare irrespective of their gender, religion, race or income. Yet we know that even in developed countries, access to healthcare and justice is not always equal.

Another core value of MPWB is Mutual Respect, where we aim to be sensitive to local circumstances, customs and cultural diversity. Yet we know that even in the communities of developed countries, there remain significant challenges in achieving mutual respect.

To accept the status quo of racism through silence and inaction is to be complicit in its perpetuation. To make changes in our communities, we must make changes in attitudes and be proactive. Each of us can educate ourselves on racism, systemic injustice and the effects they have in healthcare. Through our combined efforts we can make a change.

We recognize we do not have the answers to the challenges we face today. Together we can learn and work to create better paths for improving diversity, inclusion and belonging in our communities. MPWB is here to listen, learn, and affirm our value in mutual respect and equal access to safe healthcare in our communities.

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