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Our Objectives

1. Overall objective: To provide Medical Physics support with the goal of improving the effectiveness and safety in the use of physics and technologies in medicine, especially in low-to-middle income countries.

2. To advise, guide, support and/or participate in training through(a) the development of training programs,(b) participation in training programs,(c) exchanges of staff and/or students, and/or(d) facilitation of e-learning.

3. To advise, guide, support and/or participate in activities associated with medical physics-related technologies, especially those related to radiation medicine, including:(a) the design of such technologies and related facilities,(b) the acquisition/purchase of such technologies,(c) the commissioning of such technologies,(d) the development and/or review of quality assurance/quality control programs, and(e) the development and/or review of safety-related activities, especially those related to ionizing radiation.

4. To build a database of qualified medical physicists with a keen interest in supporting the Vision, Mission and Objectives of Medical Physics for World Benefit. These individuals would generally be members of Medical Physics for World Benefit.

5. To develop a website which can be used as a communications forum for Medical Physicists interested in participating in Medical Physics for World Benefit and for institutions/organizations in low-to-middle income countries seeking the support of Medical Physics for World Benefit.

6. To solicit funding from various sources to allow Medical Physics for World Benefit to achieve its Vision, Mission and Objectives.

7. To maintain close communication with organizations with similar, related and/or overlapping vision, mission and objectives (e.g., Physicien Médical Sans Frontières, International Cancer Experts Corps, IOMP, AAPM, TreatSafely)

Our Values

Equal Access

All citizens in the world deserve access to effective and safe radiation medicine and other medical interventions, which are appropriate for the local circumstances and not prioritized on the basis of gender, religion, race or income.

Open Communication

We strive for clear and open communication both with our partners in the field with sensitivity to local circumstances and with collaborating organizations

Spirit of Collaboration

We aim to work together to improve patient care … with professional colleagues …with partner agencies and organizations.

Mutual Respect 

We aim for mutual respect considering local circumstances, customs and cultural diversity.


We aim to promote the intellectual sharing activities of MPWB to maximize the potential benefits of effective and safe patient care internationally.


Our volunteer work is not for financial profit, personally or organizationally.

Skills and Knowledge Sharing

We aim to share skills and knowledge to provide a context of mutual learning to deliver effective patient care.

Safety and Security

We aim for safety and security for all volunteers and collaborators.


Our decisions and actions are based on the best available evidence.

Financial Transparency

We are committed to financial transparency and open disclosure of the revenues and disbursements of MPWB and its actions.


We respect confidentiality especially as related to patient information but also for other relevant situations such as vendor interactions.

2021 - 2024 Strategic Plan

On March 17, 2021, previous and new MPWB Board members participated in a strategic planning session.  We identified a number of internal factors which affect the efficacy of our organization. From this meeting, we identified major goals for the next 3 years.  The results of those findings are summarized here. Briefly we identify 3 major pillars which define our strategic priorities. 

A summary of the report is available here

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