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How we help

Medical Physics for World Benefit's goals include supporting and improving the effectiveness and safety in the use of physics and technologies in medicine, especially in low-to-middle income countries.

Our aim is to provide advice, guidance, support and/or direct training for medical physics-related technologies, especially those related to radiation medicine, including

  • the design of such technologies and related facilities
  • the acquisition/purchase of such technologies
  •  the commissioning of such technologies
  • the development and/or review of quality assurance/quality control programs, and;
  • the development and/or review of safety-related activities, especially those related to ionizing radiation.

How We can help you

Our organization is growing and we have a number of projects underway. You are welcome to contact us through our email address:

Looking for online resources?

We curate a list of educational resources in Medical Physics, Radiation Oncology and Radiology and are constantly updating them. See here for the link. If you know of new online resources, share them with us by sending an e-mail with the link!

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