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Medical Physics for World Benefit is an entirely volunteer-run organization and is a registered society in Canada and in the USA. In the very near future we will establish the opportunity to join MPWB as either Full Members or an Associate Member. Full members are for Medical Physicist with voting privileges, and Associate Members include students and corporate members and other allied health professionals who would like to be involved with MPWB. Clicking here will take you to our Membership page.

Benefits of membership include:

  • A tax-deductable receipt for both Canadian and US members
  • Access to updates, news releases, and official newsletters from MPWB through the MPWB site;
  • Inclusion on our list of expert-volunteers, and thus opportunities to be directly involved in all MPWB activities;
  • MPWB 'users' page within our website, to access discussion groups and a more in-depth look into all MPWB activities;
  • Full members have voting rights and opportunities to join MPWB committees.

Membership Categories and FEes

If you are interested in becoming a member, you will be asked to complete a membership form and pay dues. Please complete the membership as much as possible, particularly if you are interested in volunteering for MPWB activities. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us.

* Full Membership is reserved for Medical Physicists with appropriate evidence of training, certification and employment (either current or retired) as a Medical Physicist.

** Associate Membership is reserved for Medical Physics residents, graduate students, and a allied health professionals (such as a physician, electronics technician, information technology specialist, etc.,).

Join us by clicking here.

USA, Canada and International Membership Dues

 Full Member * 50.00 USD
 Associate Member** 20.00 USD

Low and Middle Income Membership Dues***

 Full Member * 10.00 USD
 Associate Member** 5.00 USD

*** Definition of Low-Income Countries

To qualify for membership in the Low-income categories, you must be a citizen from and reside in the list of 'Developing Countries', currently defined on the American Association of Medical Physicists website. If you have questions regarding this, please contact us.


If you would like to support MPWB activities but are not interested in becoming a Full or Associate member, you can support MPWB through a tax-deductable donation. Because MPWB is a registered charitable organization in both the US and Canada, a tax receipts will be issued for either country.

Clicking here will take you to our Donation page.

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